Monday, May 24, 2010

ye olde docke daye

Finally, we had a chance to unload trash and take on stores, fuel, water, grub and spares... being the only non one-trick pony in Philly, we're busy running around like a one legged man in an ass-kicking contest while the other bunker barges in the port seem to be on a sunday Goin' to meetin' schedule... the price we pay for being versatile in ways that others here are not, I guess.

Anyhow, rearmed with fresh vegetables and salad fixin's, we're ready to cast off lines and continue our relentless assault on the septic system while we bunker up the thirsty ships of Philly. In just over a week, I can return home, where Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife and I plan to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. Since, of course, I was at sea for our first Anniversary (and our first Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter), it's on me to pull off a night to remember.


Anonymous said...

this country still has a deep-water merchant marine?
Oh,yeah,thats right they still do.I forgot the oil companies!

Paul, Dammit! said...

There's still some grain shipments going on, too, just to make sure that Africa never has a chance to become stable and self-supporting.
On one hand, jobs for us, food for them, and on the other, we've destroyed the agriculture infrastructure of Africa, causing rampant horror in all directions.