Friday, May 28, 2010

new blogs!

Well, new to me, anyhow.

Borepatch is wicked smart, wicked good reading, and also echoes my sentiments on many things, which obviously makes him a good person, too.

Bowsprite is an NYC artist who's inspired by all things marine, and works in watercolors, a personal favorite of mine... her blog has been in my bookmarks since I bought this laptop, but as one of my daily hits when I get online, I never transferred the URL to my blog after I changed it early last year.

Coldisthesea is also another smart blog- world events, maritime thoughts, and artwork- all things I am not good at but enjoy looking over.


Cold is the Sea said...

Thanks for the compliment and thanks for the plug!

Borepatch said...

Paul, thanks for the very kind words. It's not often I make the "Wicked pissa" category!

bowsprite said...

hello, thanks!
you've been doing more painting than me, for sure...