Saturday, May 29, 2010

two things...

One: This is something that won't receive much press, but I've had my suspicions that the global warming bandwgon has been producing bullshit articles for some time by the rectal removal (aka: pulling numbers out of one's ass) method.

Take this much ballyhoo'd study data released about a month ago... and how, after the gloom and doom of the results cited in the press release... well, turns out, there was no study.

There was no publication on the subject matter by the journal cited by the news agencies, and there is no author by that name who has ever published a paper in the field of environmental sciences. So, there was no study.

BUT, that doesn't matter. The news agencies and Green Inc had a resounding success. They've inserted numbers into a debate where the science didn't support claims, and never had to actually study jack shit in the process, saving millions.

Man I'm pissed.

Oh, and point #2. If you're like me, and have to eat a lot of salad sort of against your natural inclination to live on steak and cheeseburgers, buy yourself a can of hearts-of-palm.
Slicing up a couple of these totally changes the texture and flavor of a salad.

Oh, and a little easter egg for you, for having read this far. More Brazilian Carnival dancers:


doubletrouble said...

Ummm, yeah.
Nice talkin' to ya, but I'm busy moving to Brazil...

HalfEmpty said...

Swamp cabbage is good for the soul.