Saturday, January 22, 2022

You know it's cold outside when you go outside and it's cold.

 We're having a cold snap. 10ish degrees out in the morning, with daily winds to boot. 

 I grew up in the cold. The cold was never more than a hassle to me until I moved to FL going on 8 years ago. These days, I'm feeling it. 

      There's always a day in July when I'm boiling my balls off outside in my yard doing something necessary, dizzy and nauseous from the heat, when I chide myself for bitching about the cold come January. 

 Here it is in January, and the cold is hell. 

     New York cold is not Boston cold. The 10 or so degree difference is a big deal. Ask anyone in 0 degree weather if they'd like it more if it were 10 degrees. The difference is palpable. 

 It's in the 70's at my house, meanwhile. Probably going to be a nice sunny day. Maybe long sleeve shirt weather until 9am or so.  If you know me on Instagram, I put a picture up from yesterday where I'm wearing a nomex hood, with a float coat and heavy hoodie under that, and I had a long-sleeve t-shirt with a t-shirt under that. 

If you don't know what a float coat is, it's a heavy nomex winter coat with insulation that is also a type-certified life jacket. 

 Despite the cold, our potable water system here on the HQ is still working. We have a portable heater blowing on the pump and interior plumbing, and heat-trace tape and insulation on the piping under the house where there's no heat. It froze up last week, but improvements were made and is holding, so we've been able to live like human beings again. 

I passed the halfway day of this tour a few days back. I'm looking forward to not being here very much. 

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