Thursday, January 20, 2022

Running water everywhere but here

 So last week I had running water where I didn't want it- coming from the ceiling of my kitchen. 

 This week running water at work has been at a premium. We iced up hard in the last cold spell and lost the fresh water pump on board the HQ here at HAWSEPIPER's Afloat Global HQ/ Home for unpleasant smells.  So basically we had no running water for 4 days.  The water tank is located above deck, in the base of the house here on the HQ, rather than under deck like God and a good marine architect would expect. 

 So, yeah, no running water on a workboat. That was fun. 

 Using the toilet was not a problem. I mean, it's the ocean. You pee over the side. But for serious business, a 5-gallon bucket with a rope tied to it, like an old fashioned water well, gets you a couple of gallons of seawater to pour into the head. Problem solved. 

    The sanitary problems not so much. Without going into great detail, baby wipes were on hand, which helped, but we still need to cook and eat and grown men doing physically demanding work, after 4 days, when I got up yesterday and opened my cabin door, it smelled like a hamster cage in the house. 

   yesterday was nice, weatherwise-though. We got the water running, and then we were out of water. 

 No shit. We ran dry. Apparently a drain was opened while we were working on de-icing the other day, and the thaw actually happened earlier than we'd thought, emptying the tank.  By dinnertime the company ran a tugboat to us to transfer water to us, and I was the first one to shower last night. It was glorious. 

        Today dawned with freezing rain that turned into stinging ice and then show. Doesn't matter, everyone's still giddy from not having swamp ass. 

 Another deep freeze is coming tonight. I'ma go shower now. 

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