Sunday, January 9, 2022

Long, cold days

 I've been back to work for a few days, but I've been keeping my head down. We're busy, first time in a while, too. Of course, after 2 weeks of minimal sleep and such at home, I came back to work tired, and as I sat in the weed palace, the gross hotel my employer stows us in for crew change, I got that 'I'm getting sick' feeling. You know the one, the itch at the back of your sinus passages, just above your throat in the airway? Yeah, that. 

 So, along with being  very busy and then getting hammered by a bug of sorts (pretty sure it's the flu, at any rate, call it a cold with strong aches too) I did have a covid test in my ditty bag, so I took that, and it was negative, so there's that I guess. Covid would have been easier. I mean, it's mostly over in a few days. 

 So, then the first snow storm of the year hits, and we get high winds and a deep freeze that froze up the potable water system here on the HQ, so no showers or water for the dunny, either. 

 You know I spent a number of years working on boats owned by folks who felt that a 5 gallon bucket was just as good as a modern toilet. That being said, I never bought into that. It's not. Luckily, I was able to hold out for the 18 or so hours that the water system was off before the ice left. 

 Today it's freezing rain. Tomorrow will bring a far stronger cold snap, and presumably more ice and freezing. 

          And it's busy. And I'm still not feeling awesome. 

 So, you'll excuse me if I am not writing I'm sure. 

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