Monday, April 19, 2021

Something happened.

 I'm home, and the last few days on board the HQ were pretty low-key, so I arrived home in good spirits, and not in the exhausted-beyond-reason way that the last few months have seen me dragging ass off the tarmac here in Margaritaville. 

 Pool season is open, and Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife have been glued together at the hip, pretty much hiding out at home. It's been 85and sunny most days, so I've been catching up on yardwork and the honey-do list, and finally got one side of my garage shop wired for 220 so I can use the giant ass bandsaw that I got for Christmas.   Sawdust and hopefully not fingers will be flying once I get through the things I have to do, which included patching the usual spring woodpecker holes in the trim of my house. Every time I hear the little fucker tapping, I go out there with a bb gun, but there's always a neighbor in eyesight, and the little bastards are a protected species. Well I want to protect them from nature by throwing their dead carcasses in the trashcan, but what can you do? People in hell want icewater, I guess. 


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Will said...

Just so you know, it is now legal to have a suppressor on an airgun. Only requirement is that it must not be removable. No tax stamp needed. It can't be switchable since all three bore sizes of airguns have comparable gunpowder versions. I'd be inclined to make one out of mostly plastic components, and glue it on. Probably no need to clean the guts, I would imagine. Commercial products (airgun with silencer) should now be available.