Sunday, April 11, 2021

Nothing continues to happen

 And today, nothing happened. 

 Oh, there was a real pea-souper of a fog this morning and for much of the day out here in the anchorage. And we gloriously are still enjoying the fruits of the clogged up Suez canal. I got up early (I'm working the back watch (1800-0600) here on my last week aboard, and serviced one of our generators, swapping out filters, oil change, check on the coolant specific gravity, run the little diagnostic self test, etc. I also drained off the water from the air receiver (compressed air tank), did a parts and supply inventory, and rummaged through the deep freezer (which is in the gen house, because hey, the power is right there and the accomodation block isn't all that big here on HQ 3.0). 

 So, really, busywork. It's rainy and foggy out, or I'd be out doing deck maintenance, which is actually up to date, and it's always nice to get ahead of the curve... but my particular pet peeve is getting rained on, so, yeah, nah. We have a cargo fixed for my next watch, so I won't be sitting on my sitter here much more, and that's OK. Too much anchor time makes me nervous. If the HQ 3.0 is laid up the way HQ 2.0 and Temporary HQ were, right out from under my feet, I'll hang myself at this point. I'm a creature of habit and while I *can* live out of a duffle bag, I'm awful appreciative not to have to. 


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