Saturday, March 20, 2021

Work- Now with increased BMI!

 I dragged myself back to work the other day, and after a mostly sleepless night at the hotel that my company makes available for crew change (0- stars, frequented by prostitutes, rooms can be rented 3-hours at a time, and the entire place absolutely reeks of weed at all times, but hey, this time I didn't have to ask for a pillow that didn't have bloodstains on it, so things are looking up), I headed back to work and B was able to go home himself.  

      It was with great hesitation that I stepped on the scale, and discovered to my horror that I've gained 15lbs in 2 months. Well, I knew I had gained. You don't eat like a famine victim and drink like a fish for 2 weeks without paying a price, and the truth is that last month I was eating the correct things but in hugely villainous proportions.  So I'm back to eating and exercising, the 4 days I've been aboard, anyhow, and today I am suffering from the carb flu, where my body has burnt off all the excess glycogen in storage, and now I'm in ketosis... side effects of which include grumpiness (well, who can tell. I'm never a ray of sunshine on week 1 so no changes there), fatigue (I'm on night watch for the first week, so again, can't feel anything different) and low energy, which I absolutely feel every bit of... I'm dragging ass so hard I'm leaving furrows on deck. This should last 2 days, and my energy level will pick up after. 

       I may even have a fair-sized chunk of tonight's watch off!  It's still really busy here in the ports of NY/NJ. While I was home my shipmates had 5 days in a row with shore access and no cargoes to move, so they did a bunch of maintenance and went out for food and explored Brooklyn in their off time, too. I'm jealous there, but OTOH, I don't want the calories, and it's too cold to enjoy my 5-7 mi walks that I do when I have a free day. 

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