Saturday, March 20, 2021

Tug Life with Tim B At Sea

 So one of my friends has a youtube channel that I find super entertaining and informative. If you're into boats, or have ever been interested in tugboats . Tim's a good speaker, gives clear and entertaining descriptions of what he's doing and has invested in good video equipment so that you get a feel for what a tugboat captain does in harbor work. Along the way, you can also find descriptions and tours of his boat, working in tides and currents, and shiphandling too. He's developed a following of people that seem to be divided into 3 groups- workboat enthusiasts, fanbois, and the merely curious. You should absolutely check him out. 

His channel can be found here.

   Enjoy- although I've known Tim for a few years now, and the videos encompass something I know a little about (and I do mean a little. I've never run a tugboat other than at the forbearance of a few generous friends who either indulged me or had a sudden need to use the toilet), and I find the videos soothing, as well as informative. The sounds of the engines put me right mellow awful fast.  Anyhow, go give Tim's page a look and consider subscribing if you like Youtube videos. It'll help him out by offsetting the dough he's put into making the videos.  

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George Pollard said...

I had wondered if y'all knew each other. He has a really enjoyable channel.