Friday, February 1, 2019

Deep Freeze

Well, it's that time of year again.

    We've had our second cold spell of the winter. Today should be the last day of the current one.

 The HQ is not built for polar service. Oh, the quarters are insulated enough for the most part, that's not the issue. Our water pipes freeze, as do the drains. But I grew up on the waterfront in New England, I know a thing or two about making do. Set some water taps at a trickle, into buckets, and it'll keep the water moving for about 24 hours extra. Putting block heaters on trouble points and heat-trace tape everywhere, and you gain another 24 hours.

 So, that 48 hour mark is up, and that's it for the running water on here. We're prepped as we can be. Got plenty of stored water, and all that water that dripped out of the taps keeps the head flushable.
 Tomorrow should be better. No showers, though, for today.


Heath J said...

That's a real bastard, it was stupid cold.

We fought frozen hydraulics for a couple days but that was the worst of it. Here's to 50 degrees!

HMS Defiant said...

hereabouts we just put a 100 watt bulb within a few inches of the muzzle and keep it on until the temp warms up and we maintain a constant trickle right down to -10 degrees. It's the best we can do since the isolation valve leaks and I'm not messing with it until summer comes again.