Sunday, February 10, 2019


So Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife and I went house hunting, and sadly, all the houses out in the country were owned by Florida Man. All had ponds, land, 1500+ sqft detached workshops... and all had problems... insurmountable problems, unfortunately.

 OTOH, we found some places we also liked in surburbia. Put in two offers today.

 So, I'm kind of bummed that I won't be experiencing country living, but as much as I love my current home, and having my back yard be a pond, it's time. I'm going to miss my savings account, too, I'm sure.

 Stressful, though. I, being the staid, conservative type, liked a small, affordable but pretty property that needs a little TLC. Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife preferred a larger turnkey house that needs nothing, is in one of the best school districts in FL and has a 3-car garage for me to make sawdust in. Either way, it's fine.  Shit is awful stressful, though.


Rob said...

If you can afford it, the wife likes it & your getting a 3 car garage you hit the jackpot!

Jonathan H said...

If I were in that situation, I'd keep looking - but the acreage and privacy is very important to me; I looked for 2 years before finding my current house.

If your wife is happy and it is acceptable to you, sounds like a good situation. Good luck!