Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Best Laid Plans

Blogging has been light. Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife had surgery last weekend, which went well, but recovery is going to be constant unceasing pain for at least a month and  a few months of living in hell for her, so say a prayer if you're so inclined.
 For me, I'm playing nurse, cook, housekeeper, etc. I truly believed that I fully appreciated everything my wife did as a housewife while I'm out bringing home the bacon. I did not. Holy shit it's hard.
Having to live on 2-4 hours' sleep and keep house and be with her too has been a challenge. She'll be well enough to come home in a few days time. Not gonna be much of a dinner on Thankksgiving, but we're sure as shit grateful here.

 You know, this makes me also realize that guys I know who live with spinal injuries- my own brother, and Peter Grant too, have to live with limited sleep and not just pain but the FEAR of pain to surely come, which seems to make doing things even worse.

 At any rate, I won't be here much. 


Judy said...

Prayers that your wife heals quickly. I quit doing the traditional feast a long time ago. What do you and your son like, that the wife isn't particularly fond of? We have had some interesting meals over the years.

Heath J said...

Prayers for a quick recovery sent. Have a good holiday otherwise!

STxAR said...

I'm with you brother. My wife went down to a lumbar sprain a week ago. Thanksgiving was sparse but we had good food, housework on the other hand, has been the bane of my existence.

You are doing it right being there for her. Take care and I'm praying for you guys.