Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Stuff and such

     I've turned on comment moderation for the time being. One of my daily readers, and regular commenters, my one troll, in fact, crossed a line and left a derogatory comment regarding my wife. So, comment moderation.

 And, seriously, to my troll... you've seen the pictures. I go home to her every month. There ain't shit you can write or say that will change that. So, I win, in both life and blogging, asshole. Enjoy going home to... whatever you go home to. And please keep reading my stuff. I'm up inside you so deep, I'm bruising the cervix of your aggression centers.

       I've also pulled out my email contact used for prospective mariners looking for work.  Entry-level work is getting pretty challenging to find. The oil patch down in the Gulf has dumped a lot of entry-level guys into the talent pool for new hires- unfortunately there are a lot of guys who never bother to upgrade their skills beyond entry level, and now there's a lot of legwork involved in chasing down regular sources of work.

         In less happy news, 10 families have settled claims with the owners of the lost American container ship 'El Faro.'   Details Here. 

       I can't imagine that this will do much to give the families a sense of closure, but if you're the sort, please keep them in your prayers, and for all those who have been lost in the past year.


 I'm in the market for new wheels. I sold my beloved pickup last year, as the snobby community where I live has a ban on pickup ownership for residents. No shit. That's actually a thing. I was actually pretty pissed off, as the truck was worth more than the average annual salary of a family, and SUV's are perfectly welcome.. and no one told me about that shit until after I moved in.

 I'm not sure whether to get an SUV or a low end sports car, to be honest. We have the family grocery wagon- my wife's Jap crossover, which, other than being bright red, is about as Wonder Bread as, well, Wonder Bread. A modern high end pickup is actually a great road trip car, if you get one of those engines that drops to 4 cylinders on straightaways. While I am secure enough, there's something to be said for a large man to be not hopping out of a Honda 5-door when you pull up to just about anywhere that isn't a church or a grocery store.  And Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife and I like road tripping, especially when you get away from the megalopolis between Boston and DC, and enter Free America. I know my wife is leaning towards sports car, but she doesn't get the whole truck thing. I guess I'm still not finished overcompensating for being a tree hugging enviroweenie back in college. That shit stays with you. Like Hep C, but with more shame. 


Daddy Hawk said...

May I recommend the Chevy Tahoe or Ford Expedition? Basically, they are 1/2 ton pickups with a camper she'll welded in place. Or, you can choose the undisputed middle finger to ecoweenies and suburban HOAs alike: the diesel Ford Excursion. Gun the engine and fog the entire subdivision with high sulfur diesel exhaust. Better than a coal plant next door.

B said...

What Daddy Hawk said.

ALternatively, the larger Honda vans are pretty decent.

Paul, Dammit! said...

Daddy Hawk, the Yukon version of the Tahoe is currently my #1 choice. I like new cars, and the sticker price for a used good one matches a nice mid-level Porsche or Mercedes. Hmmm. choices.

Anonymous said...

I live in my 150 when i'm working. Given the kinds of roads and places I have to go into on occasion it's usually packed with survival gear as well as work gear. When it's 200km to the nearest town or gas station you haul a lot of stuff in just in case.


PS I don't know why trolls get so pissy, if they don't like the blog don't read it.

Anonymous said...

If you don't mind used, you might consider this: http://www.govplanet.com/Humvees

Not really my type of vehicle (nor is a pickup, but I understand why people want them), but I have been known to be passive aggressive. It should fit under the SUV exception to the b.s. rules in your neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Or, if govt surplus isn't your thing, you could split the difference b/n truck and sports car and go with Porsche Cayenne or Macan. Your lovely bride would be happy, and no &*^$ from the neighborhood association (which makes a used humvee the best choice)