Thursday, January 14, 2016

Serious Business

Kinda cool, kinda not. That's my take on being recognized for my blog by a stranger.

       A cargo surveyor recognized me yesterday, and asked about my blog, which I thought cool. Then he listed his complaints about it, which I thought not cool.

 OK, this is my little agony column, and I realize that you might not like it, or parts of it, and that's fine. It's a mirror of what's going on inside my head at times, in being apparently directionless and prone to tangents. Running down an idea inside my head is a lot like visiting Wikipedia. You get what you came for, maybe, but you've just also opened up a bunch of new tabs for further exploration ever time you chase down a new point... and that's how it is. Chaotic, unless you keep in mind that the mind is a neural net, and there are multiple pathways to a single synapse, which, in turn, determines the context of the flow of information.

 And if you don't see the big picture, that's fine too. And it's great if you have some thoughts about some of the smart and stupid things I do and say, because some reflect reality, and some do not. The guy I was talking to was 'concerned' that I say some irreverent things on here, and what that would do for my 'long-term career prospects.'
         Ugh. Lord, spare us from Concern Trolls.  Look, I go back and forth between biblical references, science-based arguments and dick and fart jokes pretty fast, just as we all do, pretty much, within our own heads, at least with respect to rapidly changing contexts. I just give voice more often than most in that situation, I guess. I've been in a situation with a previous employer where they didn't like something I wrote, and, after some comical back-and-forth about it, it's worked out well.

       The CEO of my last company got mad when I goofed on southern cooking, and sent me a 50lb case of Spam cans once, all wrapped in a big bow. I don't shit where I eat, and it took a minute for him to get that, but by then I was a superhero to the Filipinos on board my ship. They take to Spam like a horse to hay.

        The final thought the surveyor had was about my temper. I'm a firm believer in respect, given and received in equal measure. Where respect isn't an issue, among strangers, politeness becomes even more important. I'm a New Englander, and we're diffident as a rule, but folks being impolite under normal circumstances explains about 90% of my anger. 'Take no shit from any man' has worked pretty well for me. I'm OK with being taken as cold or difficult, even if I don't mean to be, but I make a point not to be rude about it, right up until I choose to be rude about it.

     Anyhow, I was happy to see the surveyor leave. No one likes a critic.


Unknown said...

For what it's worth, yah that and two bucks might get you a cup of coffee, the way I see it is it's your sandbox, your rules. Don't like it don't read it. Not to difficult to understand but the problem is that requires some common sense and that is in real SHORT!!! supply in our snowflake world. No sunshine up your ass. Just my .02$
As for respect I grew up not far from you so I guess I qualify as one of those callus yankees but I do know that my folks demand that we show respect to our elders. If someone was so much as a day older than you you didn't think twice of addressing them as Mr. or Mrs. Never ever first name. Fuck up and the Old Man would box your ears back. Same with holding the door.
Thanks for letting me vent! In the meantime stay safe!!! Looks like the weathers gonna get shitty for the next couple of days.

Randy said...

"you are what you are , and you ain't what you ain't."

leeholsen said...

this is your blog, do as you see fit. unless you are factually wrong on something, and maybe not even then as it is still your blog and what you believe; you should just brush them off; it is your blog.

I cant even remember how I got here initially, but I'm not in your line of work; but I stay and not just for the women. its always interesting to hear someone else's daily worklife, especially when it is so different from yours.

by tomorrow, you'll probably forget about this guy and will consider that any stress from him was a waste as usually happens with guys like him.

Anonymous said...


First-time visitor but I like your blog. Of course, I'm from Maine and have almost 40 years of deep-sea time as C/E or Principal Class Surveyor under my belt, so I probably should, right? Anyway, keep sending these out. You write well and have a good sense of humor. Both of those qualities are a lot less common than they used to be.