Saturday, October 5, 2013

NOAA Done Gots Got

As a former commercial fisherman, it's perhaps no surprise that I'm not a huge fan of NOAA Fisheries, the ever-expanding and increasingly powerful agency of unelected Federal officials who are charged with ending managing commercial fishing in the United States.

 I was a fan once. Back when it was still called the National Marine Fisheries Service and guys like Bill Hogarth did his utmost to balance the needs and desires of business, fishermen, legislators, scientists and ignorant environmentalists (but I repeat myself) towards the management of US fisheries policy. This was back in the days when fishermen were allowed to be involved in the political process, and there wasn't a radical environmentalist hell-bent on an insane socialist agenda at the wheel at NOAA HQ.

 Well, I even have a friend who is working for these people. A good friend, one of the most intelligent people I know, who, unfortunately, drank the kool-aid but is currently not working or getting the salary he depends on to survive.

 Ironic. The .gov is doing to NOAA Fisheries exactly what NOAA fisheries is doing to fishermen.

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