Tuesday, June 5, 2012

...where the good Lord split ya'

Again, Blogger is engaging in a session of masturbating in a full-length mirror, introducing me to the 'new' blogger, which, as far as I can tell, is the same as the old, except that everything familiar is now hard to find, and the icons make no sense. After a few minutes of trying to find out why they wouldn't let me put a new post up, I found on orange block with a triangle next to a rectangle, which is apparently supposed to be a pencil, which is apparently supposed to mean "new post." I don't know. Bunch of amateurs.
     Anyhow, I was writing to say that I am bowing out for a few days. After 10 weeks of handing out oil and lashes of the whip to all the good boys and girls, I am going home for a few weeks. Today is the fourth anniversary of my wedding to Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife, formerly Inappropriately Hot Foreign Girlfriend. I missed it by one day. Tomorrow she and Boy will meet me at the almost half-way point home, in New York City, for a few days to celebrate. I could give a good goddamn about New York's delights, but my wife is beside herself with excitement, and I am sitting in Philadelphia on our anniversary while she is out in Boston's 'burbs, so I had to come up with something.
 See you soon.


Borepatch said...

It's always a good trip when you're going home, and you've been away a long time.


doubletrouble said...

Have fun, too.

Harry said...

Have a good time off, and enjoy your anniversary.Even though your a day late,does not change the outcome...Congrats!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary.