Tuesday, June 26, 2012

you win this time, tampons.

I think the egyptian writers said it best when they wrote "Scarab, dogface dogface, eye, bird bird bird!"


             We pulled our cargo pumps today. They were quite clogged with the residue of old crude oil. In addition, we were told than on completion of the cleanup and roto-rootering of our underdeck pipelines, we would reposition to New York and rejoin the bunkering fleet there, which is good news for yours truly, who has gotten quite fat again and poorer besides for having less work and more access to cheesesteaks lo these past 4 months.

  The single largest component of the sludge? This is no shit. TAMPONS. Yes, as in vampire teabags. Someone had been dumping their bathroom waste at Sun Oil's refinery in the waste oil tanks, and we got to reap the benefits of two  20-foot high vertical pump pipelines clogged 100% full of pantymice-on-a-string. And the applicators, too. Let's not forge those. As a 30-something Bostonian, I remember full well the robust collection of plastic pink beach whistles that lined the beaches from Gloucester to  P-Town.

 The now-famous deck garden is doing well. The first tomatoes will be ripe in 2 more weeks.

This is a pump column AND a hazmat container, all in one. Like a pinata, but, you know, full of tampons and oil sludge


HT said...

Now thats a first for me to see, I worked on barges (back oil) for over 30 years and pulled a lot of pumps. Never did I see womens hygiene products as the source of a clog...I bet the mechanics had a good laugh on this one, after they were done being pissed!

Irish said...

My Compatriot tells a story that involves a Neighborhood pump station, condoms, a previous vasectomy and a divorce.

I'll have to have him put pen to paper.


Paul, Dammit! said...

I'm certainly cautiously curious now.