Monday, December 27, 2010


Quite a storm we're having. We've got about 2 feet of snow on deck- drifted into a 5-foot high pile pretty much over the entire working area, of course. From what I've seen on Facebook, my mom's neighborhood went underwater- she's on higher ground, thank God, but some friends have massive damage- one friend has already mentioned that there's a boat, a telephone pole, and somebody's dock sitting in her driveway, and another says that waves are breaking over the top of his house. Hasn't happened since the no-name storm back in '91.

We've been up all night shoveling clear paths along the deck edges so we can inspect the ground tackle. We're rafted up with some other guys here in NY harbor, and it's still very sloppy, but the wind has definitely dropped down to a small gale. At midnight it was blowing a full gale out there.

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Anonymous said...

Part of me is sorry I missed the storm. Being 1000miles south in Atlanta offers no respite from cold ... 29 degrees and ice. I should have gone a few thousand miles south but ... Back in sixth boro by the 5or so after new years in charleston. Just finished reading Erin Urbana book on John A Noble.