Sunday, December 26, 2010

Like all New Englanders, I know enough to get out there early and keep the snow from piling up. I'd rather shovel 4" of snow 3 times than to get a foot of it over the side after it starts getting rainy.

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Unknown said...

Yeah, good call. As a fellow New Englander, I must have forgotten my survival training; I opted for the later and did all my snow removal at once. The result? The snow was wet, heavy and deep and managed to clog up in my snowblower's chute every few seconds. It ended up taking me an hour and a half and three gallons of sweat to clear off half of the driveway. I didn't have time (before work) to shovel out the Mrs.'s car, which is currently still entombed in a snowy, icy cave, which may melt away by the end of the week if we're lucky. In the mean time, I get to drive her to the T each morning because we're both too lazy to man up to the challenge of chipping ice blocks with a plastic shovel.

I think I have officially lost my New Englander status. I may need to go to Pats game in January with my shirt off or cut a few people off on the Expressway to get back in good standing.