Tuesday, June 8, 2010

das ist gud, yah

So, about halfway through my vacation period, and things are good. Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife and I celebrated our 2nd Anniversary in style, spending the night at a swank hotel in Boston, dinner at the most ridiculously expensive restaurant in the city, and a beautiful night overall.

Creme brulee is waaaaaaay better than cake, anyday.

I've got to give a great attaboy to the folks at the Lenox Hotel who really went the extra mile to help me make a memorable weekend for the Mrs. and I. I'm not going to share too much, for once, but the concierge really, really went out of his way to make for a fantastic experience.

The Top of the Hub is probably Boston's most famous restaurant. It's located at the top of the tallest building in the city. Very nice place. Luxurious, certainly... and again, they went out of their way to make my wife happy- she was absolutely radiant, anyhow, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

One of the best parts of the night, for me, was that I got to see my wife tipsy for the first time, ever. After-dinner drinks got to her... My wife is NOT a drinker. The bar made me a variant of my favorite cocktail, Caiperinha, which was excellent. My wife asked for a sweet martini, something to surprise her, and apparently they did an excellent job.

Anyhow, one more week to enjoy before heading back to work.


Anonymous said...

nice pic. happy anniversary.

Kansas Scout said...

Holy Cow! Don't screw this up! She is a beaut!! Yah, das ist gut.
Nice blog