Sunday, June 27, 2010

I've got to say...

My new generator kicks bubblegum and chews ass. Twice the power, 1/3 the size, half the noise, and, this is no BS, the generator house is cooler than ambient temp. Usually it's a 100% shit show in there this time of year. Now, next year when Old Yeller (the other genset) reaches 15,000 hours, she'll be heading out behind the barn instead of going to the vet's office... you know, pistols for two, breakfast for one after?

Pay no attention to the less-than pristine coloration of the louvers. This winter when it's assy outside, they'll be getting a gloss coat of white. I'm a dick like that. I hate dirty fingerprints, so everything gets painted white. No hiding.

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Anonymous said...

Har,the SIU."How do they collect dues in the SIU?"
"With a Louisville Slugger"