Sunday, June 13, 2010

ch ch cha changes...

I went by my old laboratory today.

The building that houses my old basement laboratory now sits mostly idle. There is ample parking available- a far cry from 12 years ago, when I bought a motorcycle specifically so I could get to work on something other than a bicycle. I was an environmentalist of sorts, but one that liked to be able to do 140 on the way to work.
The Fam and I went to High Anus, Massachusetts (OK, it's spelled 'Hyannis') where we went to an unbelievable Brazilian restaurant called the Brazilian Grille, and I made sure that there was no question as to whether or not my wife was driving. Two very powerful Caiperinhas (Take a pint glass, slice and crush a lime into it, add 2tsp of sugar, and fill to the top with Cachaca (high octane Brazilian White Lightning)) later, Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife appropriated the keys, and yours truly settled in and enjoyed the ridiculous parade of meats that came my way.

If you haven't eaten at a Brazilian Churrasco (slow cooked BBQ) restaurant, you're in for a treat.

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