Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bitch, please.

Oh Noes! The CEO of BP attended a boat race with his family!!!!! On a Sunday!!!!!

OK, granted, Yahoo news isn't exactly the BBC. It's still not supposed to be 3 steps below the National Enquirer.

Apparently, the head of BP is expected to spend 24/7 in a windowless room wearing sackcloth and ashes until this oil spill is ended. "People" (OK, one person who may not actually care, but was willing to be quoted by Yahoo news, who employs dogs and cats as their focus group attendees) are horrified that the CEO went to see his boat race. With his family. HOW DARE HE! He's the one who insisted that the Blow-Out-Preventer be put in place even though it... ah, I mean, he's the one who insisted that the well casing not be given adequate time to... ah, in a blur of intravenous drug use and unprotected sex, while taking the Lord's Name in Vain, he...

was the president of BP. He must be punished.

Like the brits say, "Fuck Off!" This is like blaming your pediatrician for seeing his child's school play, even though his secretary lost her job for killing someone while drunk driving.

Meanwhile, St. Barrack Obama enjoyed his regularly scheduled golf game today with noted mongoloid Joe Biden. The Presidential Biweekly Circle Jerk was followed by an obligatory visit to the 19th hole, of course, (and no, I'm not talking about the First Lady) where they probably threw 21 orphan babies into a furnace to appease Molach, their evil god.

OK, I'm pissed. I hate seeing stupid people being stupid being given media attention. This sort of bullshit is something that the dinosaur media would do. Now we see a sad artifact of mass media: dumbing down of 'news.'
I was a fisherman. I think of myself as a fisherman. I feel so horrible for the people who are being hurt by this. But I have a question: During the Exxon Valdez cleanup, why was no one scandalized when the CEO of Exxon took a long weekend during the spill phase, so he could spend some time with his family? What was he supposed to do, commit suicide?

People want someone to blame. Do we blame President Obama when a muslim military officer goes nuts and opens fire in his office? No we don't. Even though Obama is the Chief of the US military. The CEO. Hell, Obama was busy having his balls washed on the green by the media whores while Americans are suffering in the Gulf. He was taking time off from not managing two wars and the worst environmental disaster in living memory, and the press was there to tell us how handsome he looked.

Fuck, I wish I could order mandatory euthanasia for all media whores.

PS. Sorry about the bad words. I'm pissed. No one show this to my mom, K?


Eric O. said...


eastriver said...

Very Well Said.
Our ATB is collecting oil from Discoverer Enterprise. Our tankermen, working double-crewed, have not had more than three days off since this circus began. Even they think this media "gotcha" stuff is bullshit.
Far as I'm concerned, if they think the guy should get a day off, no one else has anything to say.

Paul, Dammit! said...

Hey, Eastriver, is that the Paul T and the Massachusetts? I spent 6 weeks on there 2 years ago. Great crew.

eastriver said...

Just dug through the '08 logs - you were with the other crew. She's a great old bomber.
Anchored at Boothville in the river, waiting out TS Alex before taking 77K bbl of BP nasty to Texas City. So far, we've gotten 187K and the Overseas Cascade 110K. They're burning 10k/day. Doesn't seem like much.