Monday, May 4, 2009

me, ranting

So, God help me, I'm watching TV (I hate TV!) today, not by choice, and there's a weepy d-bag on some Philly talk show, talking about how humiliated he is that he can't buy an X-Box 360 for his kid like all the other kids in the neighborhood have. The guy goes on and on about his college education, and his lack of options, and how it's all the gu'mmint's fault.

Am I a cheap prick, or am I right to wish that this hemorrhoid gets his oral cavity cauterized?
My grand plan for this year is to get the boy a wiffleball setup, as well as his first baseball glove, along with a soccerball.
I confess that The Boy has a video game. He's got a handheld DS, which was kind of expensive, but not so expensive as any sort of XBOX. Really, I got it for him to help with his English, which is still slightly behind that of his classmates (none of whom, of course, are bilingual like he is, so, I fugure, on balance, The Boy is ahead of the game).
There was one time when I was visiting my brother-in-law's house, and I got downright downtrodden. The BIL has mad electronic toys for his kids and himself, about $30k worth of TV and electronica, I would guess. I felt kind of bad for The Boy, who's got a more, shall we say traditional set of toys... and then, thank God, reality set in. Well, a power failure set in, and the BIL and his family went crosseyed for a night. I would venture to say that all things being equal, The Boy, though X-Box-less, would have been fine.

On a lighter note, I'm really curious which way The Boy will lean- soccer, like his countrymen of genetic memory, or Baseball, like his fellow citizens... Nature or Nurture will see.


Anonymous said...

You say the guy on tv has a college degree and no options. Hell, it was a wasted four years. Even in this economy there are options. They may not pay the salary he wants, but I'm sure he can find something. Heck, even Mickey Ds regularly hires. And if that doesn't pay enough, he can moonlight (heck, I moonlight to bring in a few extra bucks and I have what is considered a very good salary on my 9 to 5).

Paul, Dammit! said...

Yup, I agree- pride hurts!