Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I haven't been particularly inspired to write in the recent past, and that in itself is unusual. Usually, I write whatever comes to mind, regardless of whether or not it's interesting. My shoe is wet. My dog's breath smells like dog food. You know. Hell, you've read it.

I am working on a bunker barge, as I've said. It's teeny, and I'm the 3rd man on a bicycle built for two. Check it out.

The galley/living room is an unergonomic 'L' shaped space that requires one man to go outside or step into the head should another resident decide to redeploy from their chair.

The good news? The bathroom door is solid. That motherfucker is soundproof. The bad news? The bathroom is located within swinging distance to both the galley AND the bunkroom.

Wow, it looks so much bigger from the outside.

I'm kind of fond of this photo. At the top you can see the bottom of the arm of the hose boom- a crane that holds the main fueling hose slung to its' underside, if that makes any sense.

DISCLAIMER: all photos were taken with an intrinsically-safe, unpowered camera.

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Velu said...

I too liked the picture from below the crane. Gives the whole barge w feel of depth.

Safe sailing!