Tuesday, January 27, 2009

two things

Cat out of the bag:

I'm trying to keep my accent under control, so that people here will understand me, or at the very least, not goof on me. Of course, before the caffeine kicks in, lapses will happen, as they did this morning, when I referred to my having had too much to drink last friday as "I got wicked retahded." Cue the wisecracks.

The other thing:

I'm going to start a weekly picture posing of these Brazilian women that I'm coming across in my planning sessions as I look over my wife's country, in preparation for spending some time there myself once school is done, I've been looking all over the country's touristy spots. What I appreciate is that the Brazilian women I've met here are every bit as lovely as the girls I've seen online. I shudder at the thought that some of you poor single mugs are having to deal with American women under the age of 30.

Today's Braziliera:


doubletrouble said...

OK, I'm gonna learn Portuguese as fast as I can.

See you there...

VMan said...

Hey, while you're there, can you research the mail-order bride industry in Brazil for me? Thanks.

Paul, Dammit! said...

I don't know about the Brazilian ones, but I know that with the Chinese ones, you have to get postal insurance in case the damn thing is dead in the crate when the mail gets there. You know they don't have any warranties, and the damn Chinese have no idea what customer service is.