Friday, January 2, 2009

checking in

Despite the fact that you may have called and received no answer or callback, I am actually at home. I am enjoying I am running around like a mad bastard trying to get everything done that needs doing, despite the fact that civilization is enjoying the holidays, and, thus, everything is closed most of the time. So it goes.

I'm having a hellacious time adjusting to life at home. I get the Honey Do list from the Mrs., and I gripe a little 'cus everything starts with 'buy ___________." I am a cheap prick after all. On the upside, I no longer need to refinance in order to fill my tank. I gave the high-looking clerk at Cumby's a $50 for a 1/2 tank of gas, and, to my pleasure, got like $20 back. So I bought some scratch tickets, something I NEVER do. I promptly dirtied the clean seats on my truck with scratch tickets leaving and cursed myself for breaking my 'no wasting money' rule. Why I wanted to donate $20 to Massachusetts is a mystery. They'll probably just spend it on Crack.

I always get a little squishy around the edges at the start of vacation time. Sitting on the couch, watching "Ice Road Truckers," wife asleep on one side, The Boy drped over both of us like a throw rug, also asleep... that's the kind of shit that I think of when someone complains that I get paid too much. I'd rototill a 10-foot high pile of hookers to a coppery-smelling mulch to be able to have 1/4 of the nights to spend with my family that everyone else does. It's right now, early days, when I really have to confront the truth: I am the cat that is always on the wrong side of the door. When I am home, I am pulled to sea. When I am at sea, home beckons. It's just that there isn't much pull to go to sea when I'm still folding laundry that smells like a service station.

Take tonight, for example. The Wife has choir practice, so The Boy and I are going to cue up "Finding Nemo" and surf the couch for a while. That's the good shit right there.


Bill Elms said...

So they didn't ask for bail, but did ask her to not destroy any documents that might find her guilty. Well, I'm sure she'll follow those directions!!! Ha!

Your night with the fam sounds great bro, and Finding Nemo is awesome for all ages! Talk to you soon man!

doubletrouble said...

Ayuh, that's what it's about lad- enjoy!

wv: "batstic", which is what it sounds like you're going...

Anonymous said...

That's funny, Ice Road Truckers puts my wife to sleep too.

B. Mossman told me that the sweetest moment in sailing was after payoff and the cab arrives. The moment comes when you have one foot in the cab and you pull your second leg up to close the door. I don't agree thought. I always have so much money in my wallet it hurts my ass.