Sunday, January 18, 2009

I lied

OK, so I'm not reconciled to being unable to knock out all the classes I need to advance beyond my job. I'm bummed out. I'm a patient guy, sometimes. This isn't one of those times.

Being at my union school, taking these license advancement classes; well, it's addictive and it makes me enthusiastic about furthering my career. It's a supportive environment for an oddball like myself. So, understanding that I don't have the dough saved up to sit on my ass for an extra month or two really bums me out, because that's all I need to get the last classes in. As it is, I'm trying like hell to get a month's work in before early March, when I have to be home to attend to some family legal matters, in which, unfortunately, my presence will be required. It's all bullshit, like my captain likes to say. Anyhow, but for that one morning's work, I could do this thing.

Anyhow, I guess I'm saying that it's hard to be patient on matters of money and career. So it goes. Some times I kick myself for having pushed so hard on education when I was a kid. $700 a month later and I've got a wonderful education that allows me to transcend the poop and fart jokes around which my world is made, but existing in such rare air doesn't particularly pay that well anyhow, and more fool I, I focused on the wrong aspects of marine industry relative to my business today. Had I been more comfortable with myself in my yoot, perhaps I'd be in a different place these days. In the meanwhile, the only true value in my education these days comes from my ability to push back on the people who attempt to interfere with business as usual.

Ah, speculation. In the meanwhile, here I am in my hotel room, anxiously awaiting Sunday Brunch and the cast of characters who will welcome me to the table so I don't have to sit alone, surrounded by the clergy who are attending a multi-faith coalition conference here this week. I've no desire to be 'saved' whilst attempting to remember which fork goes with the salad. I'm more comfortable with my own faith's priests, who will probably be in the bar, anyhow.

So, today will be spent organizing for next week, and of course, football and beer. Last week I became a certified expert on matters of cargo handling and stowage, and this week I will become the new king of Search And Rescue/ Emergency Procedures.
Two down, Seven weeks to go. If I can play my cards right, I'll be here for Advanced Fire Fighting next week, which will leave me with only 6 weeks of classes left; Electronic Nav, Celestial Nav, Watchkeeping/Bridge Resource Management, and Basic Weather, and that'll be it. Hopefully I can bust out at least another three classes later this year, or, dare to dream, finish 'em all.
In the meanwhile, I'm enjoying the second true day off I've had in 6 months. Feels good.

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