Sunday, December 3, 2023

Damn, I just end up with 3rd worlders with B.O. next to me.


Female air passenger 'who forcibly performed oral sex on man sitting next to her before he "stopped resisting'' is escorted off jet to cheers from fellow travellers after flight lands in Moscow

   What the hell, man? I always end up with either an elderly Hasidic gentleman with the hot farts or some stinky foreigner making me gag for 3 hours because deodorant is Colonialism or some such excuse. 

       Some bohunk dingleberry just flying from A to B  gets a hummer from a crazy blonde stranger (and we all know mentally ill women give the best blowjobs. Sorry not sorry), and I get either someone with BO issues or a person taking up the middle seat whose tailor is Omar The Tentmaker. 


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Comrade Misfit said...

Flew on a 737 once sitting next to a nicely dressed German woman and her mother. It quickly became apparent that Germans take showers (or bathe) approximately every fortnight. I soon wished that I had the stuff cops rub under their noses when the body they find is bloated.