Tuesday, May 16, 2023

stitches give itches

 On the upside, I am skin cancer-free once  more. 

 On the downside, I itch and I am deeply bored. 

      So I had 2 different people cutting on my person last week. The dermatologist cut the shit out of my back with punches and a slash- just a pair of circular holes about 3/8" with a piece of skin cancer in the middle and a couple stitches to close it up and off to the trash can with it, plus another one  above my waist on the left side that for some reason she chose to remove with a 2-3" incision and a bunch of stitches. 

     The next day a Moh's surgeon cut on my face, leaving me with a 2" slice in the classic Hockey Fight look- between the temple and above the eyebrow. So now I sure do look like a pirate. 

     The combination of positions means that no matter what I do, I'm pulling at stitches somewhere. It's annoying, and more, the ITCHING is making me insane. Not my face. That's fine, so long as I don't squint I can forget it's there, but my back is really itchy everywhere. It's annoying as all hell. And I'm told I can't do much. So no outdoor maintenance on my house, which was pretty much how I planned on spending these weeks at home. So... shit. I am BORED. I don't have sedentary hobbies. And I can't swim, which is a daily activity for me at home. 

     Still, not crying. I'm happy to not be at work. But I'd give my left nut for a back scratcher. 



Rob said...

Stiches are better than the staples (IMO), my first cutting were both bad so the took bigger chunks the second time (they were clean). It was a big piece from my back & they used staples.
Swimming with an wound like that is not the best thing, it's a good way for infection to get into your body.

You have a garage & tools, build a small boat? A Puddle Duck sailboat maybe?

oldergent said...

Join the club. Have spent the last 2 months getting both arms cut open to remove the cancer and skin grafts. Hate to tell you but the itching aint going away anytime soon. My better half said I looked like a monkey running around itching my tummy where they got the skin for one of the grafts. Good luck hope you recover fast.

Beans said...

I've had skin cancer removed on my forehead twice.

The right side looks like my doc was Zorro. Clean 'Z' healed barely noticeable.

The left? Looks like my doc was a drunken epileptic Zorro suffering from palsy. Very 'dirty' 'Z' that is visible every day.

But being cancer free is a good thing.

Glad you're just itchy.

Comrade Misfit said...

Skin cancer is no joke. I'm glad for you that they got it all.

(A friend of mine's scalp, from the scars of removing skin cancers, looks as though she lost a fight with a melon-baller.)

paul said...

You could try some Bactine spray for the itching. It works for me.

Paul, Dammit! said...

Wow, lots of us dealing with the same issues- I was able to avoid any skin grafts- I saw what my father went through with that, and so I'm pretty militant about looking at skin blemishes. Now.
I write about it in a pretty breezy way, but I'm a bit bummed out. Once it's found, I'll be looking for it to show up again forevermore as you all know well.