Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Early crew change

 Interesting few weeks, for sure. 

 It has been by far the most miserable few weeks I've ever had while working for my present employer. A combination of things that were negative overall, plus getting rained on for all but 1 God-damned day in the last 2 weeks, to the point where I have mildew inside my boots, well, that didn't help. 

    I'm having violent tantrums. That is VERY unlike me. I'm no doubt an absolute treasure to live with recently. My partner B out here is dealing with insomnia, which means I'm dealing with no quiet hours in our small quarters aboard. And it's so fucking busy, and the schedule so erratic, that we can't get ashore or out of each other's hair for an hour, and to be fair, while I'm being cunty lately, I can't even take a shit in peace the past little while, 

      Well, the weather was supposed to break last Saturday, change to nicer weather. It in fact was as awful as always. Gray, rainy, windy, right up through Monday. And also busy AF. 

   BUT, on Monday, Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife flew up to the Northeast, and I left work early. 

 My kid has been in the fleet the past 2 weeks. I haven't seen him, though he's enjoying himself. 

 Yeah, so I got married. In Brazil, anyhow.  Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife and I never registered our marriage in Brazil, just the US, way back in the day. We're planning on spending more time in her country of origin, and so it turns out that as the trophy Husband, I am unable to easily inherit whatever estates and homes and lands my wife may own as I am not a registered alien. 

  Oh how the tables have turned. I am marrying my wife for a green card. 


           Above all else, it was good to laugh, and to not feel as though I am 30 seconds away from losing my mind and starting the beatings. I'm much too old to start to punch my way through frustrating moments. I think leaving work 2 days early might have been the best thing for everyone involved. 

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Rob said...

Vent away!
On the home front, best of luck with the Brazilian bureaucracy.