Tuesday, November 8, 2022

You've got (hate) mail!

 It's been a while since I got a nastygram in my comments. I really regret deleting it now, as it was actually pretty funny and I should have let it post. 

    Look, I realized that my last post was a real skim job of a serious subject. I am not a serious person on this blog. It's one of my relief valves while I'm greasing relief valves and doing other boat things here on the HQ, since I can't drink, shoot guns, chase my wife around the kitchen or parse datasets (too many distractions here. Yes, I actually do still keep my hands in as a scientist at home, mostly helping out others with low and mid-level analytics).  So I engage in dick and fart jokes and absurdum ad reductum on serious issues like, for example, safety systems on big metal boats. I like to hide the odd pearl in the pig byre. 

        SOMEBODY got awful assmad that I had opinions and didn't put in enough effort to fully flesh out the issues I was kvetching about in my last post. My reasons for not doing so are both significant and nuanced; because I didn't want to and I got bored writing.

    I make no excuses; my writing is not expert nor professional here. You want that, pay me. I can be assed to write properly about serious business, and occasionally do, but fuck me, I get bored writing my own writing, never mind reading it. Juvenile humor and piquant observations are not mutually exclusive, and the hope that I can entertain both my readers out there, and that one Indian call-center scammer who is still trying to get me, well, that's fun for me. 

 So, dear hater, thank you. I realize that in the real world you're probably someone I was rude to or dismissive of, and I hope, if so, that it was intentional on my part, because it isn't always, and I feel terrible about it when it's brought to my attention, but when I do intentionally insult someone, it sure is fun. 

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