Monday, August 8, 2022


 I had to delete my last post. Shoulder Man Is Going To Be An Engineer Some Day  was on board yesterday again, and he did a fine job in a professional manner, and worked up a sweat from his labors. 

 As my post was about my oddball encounter with this boy, and he is now batting .500 in my book after working with him twice, kid deserves not to be immortalized by being made fun of. He stands a chance. He done good, and it makes me wonder what the hell was wrong the other night that he left such a terrible first impression, but whatever, the kid was in boy scout/astronaut mode, and  we've all fucked up before. 


Rob said...

Redemption, not a word I see used much these days. It is pleasant to see it right out in front this morning!

OldAFSarge said...

Happy that the kid showed his real self. Hopefully that first day was a one-off!

BTW, takes a real mensch to admit to misjudging a person. Well done, Paul!

Tsgt Joe said...

Was good of you to do that.