Wednesday, August 24, 2022


 Finally, we're out bobbing around at our mooring, and I have a watch off. We ran dog watches after midnight to flip watches, and I will be on the back watch (1800-0600 for my last week here on the HQ. 

        And what a time it's been. We've been running around like a $2 whore on Dollar Day. I think the most time off I've had since last I wrote was a 3-hour block a few days ago... which I spent doing oil changes on our generators. There's been shit getting me up out of bed a few nights, and the days... the cooler spell of seasonable summer weather (seasonable to me being under 85 degrees here in the Dog Days of August) last week ended over the weekend, and we're back to baking our balls off, although for the last few days it was more about steaming our balls off, as we got dumped on with torrential rain Monday, then one of those fogs that amplifies the sun and manages to burn your skin so much the light's actually painful. Anyone else have that? Or is it just my Irish ass? I mean, I have a tan of sorts. I'm brick red and it doesn't hurt, and that with sunblock so high that it's probably giving me skin cancer anyhow.  

 Point being, it's been busy AF, and I'm feeling it, which makes me very grateful for a night at anchor. 

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