Tuesday, January 19, 2021

last night, last watch

 Home tomorrow, which is always exciting. And, wonder of wonders, no work tonight. We're at anchor. It's been a good 4-6 months since I had the night off on my last watch. Super grateful. 

 My wife had a horrible day today. Nothing earth shaking, just a bad day all around, set at a slow burn so I had to be in contact ALL DAY.  Is it selfish of me to say that I miss the days where I could have a sea passage and get a couple of days off from worrying about her? On one hand, I am grateful I was involved in today and was there for her. On the other, I'm exhausted, and if I had a regular work day today instead of being at anchor, I'd be distracted and, well, fucked. 

   My wife doesn't need me to go about her daily economy. Of course I worry, I mean, we all do. And watching your spouse have a particularly stressful and shitty day when you can do fuck all about it is never nice. 

 Well, heck with it, I'll be there tomorrow. 

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