Saturday, January 9, 2021

Between weather

Well, winter's here for me, finally. Had to put on long johns before watch today. It was butt-ass cold out. And by that I mean my ass was cold. 

     The world has gone insane, and for a bit there, I was part of it, keyboard warrioring all over the place. I even got into it with a niece of mine the day after the chimpout at the capitol building. Because of that I missed 90% of the best sunset I've seen in months. 

     The next day I deleted my facebook account. I've been on it since myspace was around, and it's become too much of a habitual activity... and it brings me almost no joy. I can count on one hand the number of people I'll miss from there, and it's miserable, makes me unhappy, and... yeah. I'm off. Mark Zuckerberg can eat a dick. 

 I'm not going to miss any more good sunsets. 

 So today I ran into Bill the Lube Oil guy. 

      I have no idea how I became friendly with Bill. He runs a lube oil tanker that occasionally rafts up to us and pumps hundreds of gallons of lube oils up to ships at the same time I'm pumping hundreds of thousands of gallons of fuel oil to them. But I haven't seen Bill in 2-3 years. It was nice to catch up while we were working. We lamented the loss of the Jones Act ship trade, and Covid, and getting old, and generally did what sailors do when meeting across gunwales... complain and laugh about complaints. It was a nice way to break up a cold, blustery day. 

 So, yeah, aside from about doubling the pace at which I read and beating the hell out of the solitaire app on my phone, time for a new timewaster... maybe one that won't leave me seething half the time. 


Heath J said...

Gab isn't bad. Not great either, lately it's slow because of the digital night of the long knives forcing people to migrate en masse.

It's got a decent little WRSA community, if you like hanging around with us spergs.

Cedar said...

And I advocate for never missing a sunset. I’ll be reading and commenting here on the blog , it’s good to read your stories.