Thursday, April 30, 2020

a gauntlet to run

Yesterday was a crew change day, and the halfway point for me for this voyage.

  We're pretty busy here at the HQ. We've been sailing between Philly, Baltimore and Wilmington a fair bit. Lot of work to be done. Today, in fact, is our first fully free day, and sadly it's gonna rain, as it'd be a great day to do a little painting outside, which is something I enjoy for some perverse reason.

        I've been trying top figure out how to get home after this trip is done. My original plan was to rent a car again and drive the 1200 miles, but it seems that people are now choosing rental cars for travel more often, and the price has tripled from the last time.

 As much as I don't want to spend all day in a flying leper colony that may or may not get me to my destination, it seems I am going to be flying home, which is a disappointment... and judging by the lack of seat choices I had for the tickets that cost twice what they normally do, I'm going to be in close quarters with other potential plague carriers.

   Well, hopefully I get home on time, but hell, at least I got a damn job. I've been saying that a lot lately. Florida has a HUGE service industry, and so things at home are not good. Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife and I are essential workers, and haven't had any interruption in pay, and that is a real blessing in a time and place where so many are struggling. It seems indecent to complain.


George said...

Have you looked into Amtrak? The eastern seaboard is the one place in the US that trains work. Even in a nearly full train, the seats are farther apart than in a plane.

leaperman said...

almost half of my county are applying or are now on unemployment.
Worse than the great depression.
Our country is FUCKED and if I hear any more shit about food plants shutting down and the liberal media whining.....
Why don';t they report that those SAME food plants are OWNED by the Chinese.
Thanks Obama...Thanks Clinton.
Thanks Bush.
Critical industries and you sell them to the enemy.
Just like selling our ports to the Saudis and the Chinese.

Bob said...

Train or Greyhound?

Tsgt Joe said...

would it be economically reasonable to buy a used second car to make those regular runs up and down the coast? Considering you are a big guy it wont be a sub compact Eh, I just remembered you just bought a house so new wheels might not be practical. Do what you got to do to stay out of those unsanitary planes.

Bob said...

How about Amtrak or Greyhound?

Craig said...

Small aircraft air charter?

Will said...

They might be wanting to charge you for leaving a vehicle in FL. Maybe you can work a deal to drive it back the other way to return to work. For that matter, why not drive your own vehicle back north? That, or consider buying something just for the long commute.