Friday, April 3, 2020


The 18-hour drive home took about 16 hours all told.

    Man, driving rt95 for well over 1000 miles was actually nice.

      With a certain amount of the population being good do-bees and staying home, I was able to barrel home with the cruise control set at 80 for much of the ride. The rental agency in Philly gave me a pickup, too. A chevy Colorado, which is OK, but which I certainly wouldn't buy for myself, it being cramped and feeling very plastic and squeaky on the interior. I've always been a Ram guy, anyhow.

   So I'm home now, and I stopped outside Savannah on Wed night for an attempted  nap. Ate some horrible food that stayed with me like a brick in my belly all Thursday, too.

 Unfortunately, some yoots had themselves a party in the room next to me, and the stink of cigarettes and weed lingered in my room after they finished shutting the hell up, so sleep was elusive, but I was on the road by 0430 anyhow. They were don't-bees for sure.

   Across the Florida border, all highway traffic was stopped and questioned as to their origins. My rental truck had Texas plates (plates from hotspots got sent to the waiting area) and my point-of-origin, Philly, is also not on the list, so I was on my way in about a minute. The sun wasn't up yet, but I imagine this will get busy fast during the day. 

  I arrived home and received a king's welcome. My favorite dinner, time with the fam, a massage and a long shower. I was so relaxed that I fell asleep on my couch with a tumbler of whisky and ice in my hand, which I proceeded to dump on my crotch and which woke me up with a yell so I was wide awake for a while after that obviously.

 Today?  Bills and a hunt for TP locally begins.


Rob said...

Thanks for the update. Enjoy your time, wash your hands and good luck!

Heath J said...

Good to hear you made it back!

How as the stateline roadblock? Just a roll up and show your ID thing?