Sunday, July 28, 2019

home again

Great to be back. Lots to do, lots to enjoy. The first few days were a blur of doing things that needed doing. Today, Sunday, was my first half-day to myself, so I took advantage and built a big assembly table for my shop.

 It's 4x8, although the base is actually 1 1/2" smaller all around, so I can clamp with small clamps when doing fine work. I put drop-down casters on the bottom, so I can roll the table to wherever, and kick out the casters to drop the table onto the legs for stable and heavy work.

    Only took about 3 hours to make- should have taken 2, but it's July in south FL, and I had to stop to change clothes and drink water. I literally had a sweat trail around the shop.

 So I spent a couple hours on and in my pool after spending 3 hours yesterday shocking it, servicing the filter and scrubbing the shit out of the concrete. I got the thing absolutely pristine today... and then 2 minutes after I get out, a palm tree in my back yard drops a branch, and an absolute cloud of pollen, this .5mm powder, settles onto the surface of the pool, making it look like someone dumped a sack full of flour into the damn water. So now that the sun is down, it's time to go out there again and start skimming with the hand net. Ergh.


Beans said...

Get yourself one of those big 36" floor fans for the shop. Even at low speed they'll push enough air to help cool you down.

As for pollen, well, that's the joy of having a pool in Florida. Either unscreened, where everything will fall into it, or screened, where you'll spend all your time cleaning the screen.

Still, better than sweating to death in some rat-infested 5th floor walkup in NewYorkCity...

Nice table, by the way. Plans for cabinets or storage underneath?

Rob said...

Back in the land of "your" chores!