Wednesday, July 3, 2019

First week down

So far so good. Well, so peaceful, anyhow. I'm into the onboard routine, we're working steady, not killing ourselves, as it's hot as hell outside anyhow. I've been on board for a week today, and shortly we'll have shore access, so we can load up on food and such tomorrow. 3 weeks to go. I MAY try to work extra elsewhere before going home, haven't decided yet. About $8000 in unexpected expenses while I'm still trying to settle into a new house hasn't been the best timing, so I'd be nuts not to take advantage. Plus, despite the discomfort of 90-degree humid days here in NY harbor, 96-degree humid days at home are not great anyhow, and my pool is literally 90 degrees most days around 5 PM, not refreshing at all. Rather the opposite, so it's a good time.

 I'm still mostly staying away from the news. Such news as leaks to me is depressing enough. I chose this life to stay the F away from pop culture and the people who like pop culture, after all. While I love being able to call home every night, I don't love how connected I am to the world as a result. It takes a lot of the joy of being a sailor away, and there's already scanty joy in being stuck on contract in a seaport, so... nah.

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