Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Back at work

Well, THAT was a fast week. A good week though.

 The closing on my new house went well, I think. It went through on time. I got to spend a little time in my new place, put together a punch list of projects that'll have to be seen to in the next months, and I rented a box truck and moved two truckloads of stuff over. I actually only moved about 10 miles away, so it was pretty straightforward, and I didn't move anything terribly large or heavy with the exception of my beer fridge from my old garage, which is one of those 75% of full size fridge/freezers you see in efficiency apartments, senior housing, places like that. It had casters, which helped. I have my current house until the end of next month, so I could split the move between two voyages at work- this gives Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife time to do some decorating, and give the house the Brazilian treatment- no, I don't mean getting the underside of the tables waxed, but rather, the deep cleaning which is a standard there- You ain't seen clean until you've seen a Brazilian house clean. 3-4 ladies will descend on the house and 3 12-hour days later, it will emerge spotless. N0 BS, even the AC ducts will get fully routed out.

 At any rate, we managed to get a lot of family time together in a VERY short and busy week at home, and even managed to get out one night for some grown-up time at a wine bar, which was nice, although honestly wasted on me, as I'm not a wine guy, but the company was lovely. It's been mostly up with the sun and to bed at somewhere close to midnight. I'm pretty beat, and I've spent more money at Home Depot this past weekend than in the past year. I'm looking forward to some rack time tonight before taking my first watch in the morning.

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