Monday, March 18, 2019

Home stretch

Well, entering week 6 here on board the HQ, and I'm feeling it. Partner B is flying in tomorrow night, and in theory, I should be out of here on Wednesday... but I'm staying another week, as my employer opened up the purse a bit for those working over rather than going home, and I have a major thing going on back home, more on that when it's finalized, but it requires 2 1/2 buttloads of money.

 Yesterday was Irish Christmas, St. Patrick's Day, and I unfortunately was at work and had no shore access in a timely manner, so I was unable to get ashore for the ingredients to make a good dinner to celebrate.  As a low-key person, I believe in comporting myself on St. Patrick's Day with dignity and restraint.

I wore it all day yesterday.

 Obviously, honoring that in the breech is not so easy. My jaunty hat helped lift my spirits, though. There was enough of a breeze that working on deck was a challenge, but I made it, and amazingly, the hat did too.


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