Friday, March 1, 2019

a needed breather

Well, I certainly feel better. After a week that had me wanting to stick my head in the oven, the last few days turned things around. We got a day off, which was an absolute blessing. I got a long, long walk in, 8 miles, and in the middle I stopped for a Cobb salad at a little hole in the wall. I took time to sit on a bench and look out at the skyline, and came back to the HQ and played FarCry 5 for a few hours. It was exactly what I needed. So when we  went back to work yesterday, I felt like I had taken about 20lbs off, weight that I could feel in the back of my neck. So we just wrapped up a medium-sized bunker job and are anchored about 2 miles off the Statue of Liberty, and it appears we'll be here for the weekend. Which is good, becuase a generator shit the bed on the way out here.

 It never ends, lol. Come daylight tomorrow I'll look at it.

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Rob said...

Have a quiet night...