Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Waiting on the other shoe to drop...

Well, so far so good. I turned in some old, I mean OLD certificates to the Coast Guard to get some things corrected and to add another endorsement to the international portion of my STCW credentials. One certificate is from 2005.

 So far it's working, though. I am getting through the eval process. The CG is pretty good at keeping you up to date, and my papers have passed the cursory eval, and are being viewed with a more precise lens now. I should know what's up in another week or so. Worse case, I have to do a bunch of little  exercises to check off- steer a range, plot a course between two ports, etc etc. Stuff I have done a thousand times, but not on a tugboat.

 So, we'll see how it goes. My application package spans things from 13 years. I can't help but think they might not love that. Have to see.

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