Sunday, February 11, 2018

What's a-happening now

I've been a little eclectic in my reading lately. I'm all over the board. It reflects the somewhat chaortic nature of the projects and concerns I'm balancing these days. It's enough that I'm happy I have to be at work for the next few weeks, to act as a buffer between the predictability of my schedule now, and the stress-inducing shitpile that I'll be dealing with next time I get off. I've got a major project firming up that will require being away from my home for a week, a necessary evil that absolutely requires that I use talents and skills in which I am conspicuously weak or useless, and which I, like a dumbass, volunteered to do. It's made me somewhat sleepless and grumpy. As such,  my social media interactions have mostly been limited to shitposting when I see something so absolutely retarded as to inspire disbelief. I've been on a tear. It helps.

         On the upside, it's Carnival season down in Brazil, and soon I'll be enjoying the videos and pictures of human excess that this always produces. So stay tuned, the ladies of Carnival are coming soon.

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