Sunday, February 25, 2018

I got nothin'

Well, we had a quiet weekend here at HAWSEPIPER's Afloat Global HQ/Center for Excellence in Achieving Diaper Rash.

     We're in day 4 of rain. Seriously, I have and have always loathed working in the rain. Funny because I have always chosen to work outdoors, and sometimes, you know, it rains.
 But seriously, I'm tired of it. After a couple of soggy watches, you get baboon ass, running around with winter-weight foul weather gear on. So it goes.
 On the upside, we haven't had a cargo in 36 hours, which meant that other than being shuffled around (limited berthing space means that we raft up to other folks when we dock. In fact, the lay berth we're at now, we sometimes go 5 wide, which makes it a 10-15 minute obstacle course to go ashore if you are left along long enough to go ashore), we've been able to do indoor work in the generator room and house, which has been nice in terms of catching up on some maintenance tasks.

 We have a cargo fixed now, set up for after lunchtime today, so it's back to work, which is good.
 Yesterday was a loss for me. I picked up some sort of bug, but since we weren't working, I could spend extra time in the rack and in the bathroom (I think I split time there about 50/50), the time for which I was thankful, but time slows if we sit too much.

 I'm feeling uninspired just now, so I don't have much to report beyond that I feel soggy and tired of  rain and having diaper rash because my ass is damp 12-16 hours a day. 

True story.

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