Tuesday, December 26, 2017

back at work and small boat update!

Well, back to work, and while I'm grateful to have a job, I can't say that I felt ready to come back, but here I am, and lemons, lemonade, etc.  Crew change went unusually smoothly, right down to the HQ being loaded deep so that it was easy to transfer all my crap right on board from the launch without much fuss.
 Holy hell, though, it's cold up here.


 It's been a fair bit since I updated on the progress to date with the small boat I'm building on my workbench. I hadn't been able to do much on it these past few months- gotta be home to do that, first, and last time I was home, there was a hurricane to prepare for, plus I'm not one to forego time with my family when I can get it, so I didn't get to sit at my bench much. So it goes. This time I had a fair bit of time to goof off around the garage, which was great.

soldering a safety chain to the brass rails- should have waited to paint!

forward ladder

Forward ladder installed with brass rails bent, soldered and painted

lifeboat- still under construction
Progress to date

built rugged enough that you can trust a tard with it!

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Steady Steve said...

Like you, I have a merchant mariners license, chief engineer. I work in the yachting industry, however. It was nice to be off rotation and at home with the wife for the holidays this year. Jobs come and go in yachting also. I'm looking for a new boat during January and might have to go back to full time. The current job is just not good anymore as the owner does not allow enough time for necessary shoreside maintenance. As safety of the crew and vessel are being compromised and the captain goes along to keep his job it's a game I don't want to play. No matter what I'll turn in my weeks notice a week before I'm scheduled to go back. I'm not going to get thrown under the bus. Despite the occasional disappointment, I love what I do.