Tuesday, October 4, 2016

the price you pay

I'd rather be in shit weather wherever I am than to be in fine weather while my family is getting ready for a damn hurricane.

 Unfortunately, it looks like my house will take  a glancing blow from Matthew- 60-80kt winds best I can guess 48 hours out. Enough that my kid will be putting up the storm shutters- a relatively easy task for an adult in fine weather, though not so much for a gangly 13 year old at the awkward stage.

       Well, me being who I am, my house is prepped, minus the shutters, and my wife already lined up help to get the house shuttered in.

        I should be down there. Fuck.


Anonymous said...

What I've never understood about Florida, and other places at high risk for hurricanes, is why buildings aren't provided with permanent shutters for their windows, on hinges, for easy use whenever the weather threatens .

Judy said...

I bet your son will do better than you think! He know what needs to be done and he will get it done...his way.

STxAR said...

I burned the highway up from NM to TX trying to beat a hurricane. And it just turned north and avoided us entirely. I got home a day early and it took 4 or 5 to recover!!

I'll be praying for your family. And you.