Wednesday, October 5, 2016

hurricane update

Well, some things happened.

      The storm models have had a strong westerly error- every weather update pushed the predicted storm track west by a few miles, until this morning, when it looks like the western side of the storm will pass right over my house, with the eye tracking over the gulf stream.

 I spent much of last night distracted- luckily it was a light watch. I have my preps done, and thankfully, I recently barked at Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife for raiding our water stores, so we've got plenty of drinking and wash water, and I have a pond and buckets, so water for the toilets is covered, too. All quite civilized there. The basics are covered.

    Now, storm shutters, that's a different matter, but we have them. They take a little doing to put up, and that's where I got blown away last night, when neighbors and friends from my wife's church came over and started putting up the shutters, especially the 2nd floor stuff. The side that will be facing the weather will be shuttered up today, and that will be it for prepping.
     It's very humbling and I'm very grateful to have good people around me, doing what I can't do for my family.


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